Forget teen years, change has come for me now in my 20s. Since I was a little girl and learning about Canada’s Food Guide’s in school, my favourite food group was easily grain products – hands down.

Pasta? Heaping plate, please.

Cereal? Bowl for breakfast, bowl for after school, and bowl for an after dinner snack. Why not?

Bread? It could be as part of a sandwich or just on its own. Buttered or unbuttered. I didn’t care.

And now I can’t touch this stuff with a 10-foot breadstick.

I’ve been living gluten free for months now and while I’ve gotten the gist of it under control, I’m still learning and adapting. So, in an effort to learn more, I have decided to chronicle my G.I. journey in this blog. From recipe experimentation and gluten free product reviews to venting about eating out and lamenting the needs of my too-sensitive stomach, I’ll explore what it’s like living on the other side.

A couple things…
I’m not a nutritionist or ‘expert’ by any means. I’m sharing my experiences in hopes of learning more, and I also hope to gain insight from followers and commenters. That said, your comments are welcome, but only respectful ones will be accepted. Thanks and enjoy 🙂


7 responses to “About

  1. Giselle

    Nice work Laura
    Nonna’s zguti look delicious

  2. Hey Laura, I just nominated your awesome blog for a bunch of awards! No pressure to do anything but bask in the recognition, but you’re of course welcome to spread the award love if you choose. Just link back to me (the nominator) and post the badges, as well as nominate some awards of your own.

  3. Hey! I’ve nominated you for an award. No obligation to accept but if you want to check it out then please do. http://sensitiveflour.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/none-of-this-would-have-been-possible-without/ Have a great day!

  4. Lisa Kruger

    I have relatives whose last name is Cicchirillo. Wonder if we are related…lol

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