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A delicious g-free ravioli hailing from Saskatchewan

LSCicchirillo ravioli

Among my bag of goodies from last week’s Gluten Free Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre were finds from the Saskatchewan company, Celiac Choice.

Stuffed pasta has always ranked high on my list of favourites, and since going gluten free, I actually haven’t had any. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten excited after hearing a restaurant can make any of their pasta dishes gluten free. But alas, the gluten free version of their original dish is always a rice pasta penne. While I am grateful for the g-free option, there is always some disappointment when the restaurant’s original dish is a ravioli or tortellini.

The lineup for this booth at the Gluten Free Expo was long, but the samples were worth the wait. I ended up forking money over for two bags of frozen ravioli and one bag of frozen perogies.

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PC’s new corn pasta put to the test in gourmet mac’n’cheese

Just how well did PC's new corn macaroni pasta hold up?

Just how well did PC’s new corn macaroni pasta hold up?

I believe I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that I prefer corn pasta over rice pasta. Rice pasta, I find, is heavy and can become gummy very quickly. I’ve also come across a couple brands that break easily after boiling. Corn pasta, on the other hand, is lighter, doesn’t break, and takes way less time to cook. I’ve only really ever seen one brand of corn pasta in the grocery store I frequent, so you can imagine my delight when I saw President’s Choice had come out with its own version of gluten free pastas. I picked up a couple boxes (spaghetti and macaroni) to see if there was any difference from the brand I normally purchase.

On one particularly chilly evening, I whipped out the box of macaroni and put a mouth-watering gourmet spin on my usual gluten free macaroni and cheese. If interested, check out the dish I made below. And below that you’ll see how I found the pasta itself.

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Super yellow g-free mac’n’cheese

Have you ever been turned off of a particular food because of its colour? I have. As many of you know, I don’t like green split peas. But what about the colour of some processed foods? Recently, two bloggers spearheaded a movement to get Kraft to stop using food colour in their famous Kraft Dinner. I don’t want to knock these bloggers (I’m always impressed when the ‘little guy’ rallies the troops for positive change), but I have to ask, why not just stop buying Kraft Dinner? Omitting the dye will not suddenly transform this popular dish into a healthy lunch option.

I didn’t grow up eating KD. My brother and I grew up with homemade meals, and I actually learned how to make mac’n’cheese from scratch at a relatively young age. I’ve adapted my mom’s recipe to make it gluten free, and I even found a way to make it that distinct bright yellow colour. Want to know the secret?

Corn pasta.

Yep. There you have it. You can make your own macaroni and cheese gluten free and vibrant yellow to boot.

My homemade gluten free mac'n'cheese

My homemade gluten free mac’n’cheese

To tell you the truth, I only eat corn pasta. Rice pasta is alright, but I find it a tad on the gummy side. Corn pasta, on the other hand, is not gummy, and it sits lighter in my stomach. It’s also incredibly quick to cook in boiling water. And I’m impatient, so this is a good thing.

If you’re interested in making your own mac’n’cheese, read on. It’s a delicious gluten free comfort food that’s healthier than the store-bought boxed version, and naturally yellow — if you like that kind of thing.

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