Cozy gluten free apple cinnamon oatmeal

Buy prepared flavoured oatmeal? This is an easy, less expensive, and healthy alternative.

Buy prepared flavoured oatmeal? This is an easy, less expensive, and healthy alternative.

While I, like many, many others, lovingly refer to this time of year as ‘pumpkin everything season,’ it’s also the time of year apples are at their finest. Every weekend I see someone on my Twitter feed or Facebook page posting photos of themselves ankle deep in an apple orchard, surrounded by full trees and bushels brimming with the sweet, crispy fruit. Well, I finally made it to an apple orchard myself, and now my fridge is overloaded with them. I went through a decent amount of them at a pretty impressive pace all on my own. My husband didn’t start reaching for any till I introduced him to the tasty apple-almond butter combo. After a while, though, a slight panic settled in when I realized I had just too many apples. So, I decided to chop some up and make an oatmeal dish that I could heat up every morning for breakfast.

This proved to be an excellent idea, and here’s why: My workday begins at 6 a.m. (hence my super early tweets, in case any of you following me on Twitter were wondering about that!), and I simply do not have want to make the time to prepare breakfast in the morning. I’m very much a lay-out-my-clothes-and-pack-my-lunch-the-night-before kind of gal. So, in addition to packing my lunch, I also pack a breakfast. I’ve been pretty happy with this simple little dish, and it scored me some extra bragging points when a co-worker walked in on me heating up a bowl in the kitchen at work and said it smelled like apple pie.

What you’ll need

  • 1 cup water
  • ¾ cup applesauce
  • 3 chopped apples (I’ve been using McIntosh)
  • 1 cup gluten free oats
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon

What you have to do

  • Mix the water, applesauce, and chopped apples in a small pot and let everything come to a boil
  • When it’s reached a boil, bring the heat down to a simmer and put in the oats and cinnamon
  • Let this come to a softer boil for several minutes and it’s done!

I find this easy breakfast tasty as-is, but if you like you can add raisins or nuts for a bit more texture. Good morning!

Apples, apples everywhere...

Apples, apples everywhere…



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3 responses to “Cozy gluten free apple cinnamon oatmeal

  1. Well this is perfect timing! As I read this I just whizzed up a batch of apple sauce. I had a giant bag leftover too and thought I better do something with them. I’m going to make this tonight! Great idea. Thanks 🙂

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