Gluten free goodies at Tim Hortons? Finally!

Tim Hortons' answer to gluten free treats: the chocolate drizzled coconut macaroon

Tim Hortons’ answer to gluten free treats: the chocolate drizzled coconut macaroon

I keep a memo in my phone at all times so I can jot down blog ideas including, but not limited to, recipes, triumphs, and (of course) rants. And it wasn’t too long ago that I wrote, ‘Tim Hortons, make a G-free doughnut, dammit!!!’

I don’t remember when I wrote it, but it was probably after a coffee date with friends, where they happily nibbled on the sugary treat and left me to…drink my coffee. Oh woes me, right? Well hey. It was not every day that I used to have a doughnut, so it’s not like I’m really missing them, but I guarantee you it’s not fun to be the only one in a group not having one. Especially when your friends do the side-head-tilt and sadly ask, ‘if you have one just this one time, will it really hurt your stomach?’

Yes. Yes it will.

As bitter as my recent Timmies dates have been, I realize the flaw in having the beloved Canadian chain provide a gluten free doughnut. OK, it would be fine for us gluten intolerants, but what about those with Celiac disease? Surely there would be some fallen crumbs and cross contamination, and that wouldn’t be very fair to them, now would it?

Well, Tim Hortons came up with a clever solution. It’s not a doughnut though — it’s a coconut macaroon. Two to be exact. And — get this — the gluten free treat is individually packed, meaning it’s good for gluten intolerants and Celiacs alike.

Is it the best macaroon I’ve ever had? No. Sorry, that accolade goes to my mom, whose macaroons could whoop Tim Hortons’ butt any day, however they do the trick. For $1.29 I can get two fun sugary treats drizzled with chocolate that I can nibble on while my friends throw back doughnuts.

Their delicious, cream-filled, glazed doughnuts.

So bravo, Tim Hortons! Appreciate the acknowledgment and welcome back into this Canadian staple.



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4 responses to “Gluten free goodies at Tim Hortons? Finally!

  1. Say whaaaa!!?!? This just goes to show how long it’s been since I’ve been to T-Ho’s. Their coffee hurts my GI tract like no other…but these GF macaroons sound good enough to try out! I must pay a visit soon 🙂

    • Yeah, they’re not bad! I’m not the biggest fan of their coffee either lol. It doesn’t make me sick, but I’m in the ‘it tastes burnt’ camp! Mickies and Second Cup are the ones I opt for!

  2. Just found your blog! I love it.
    I was excited about these at Tim’s, till I tried them. The almond paste is just too over powering for me. But I have to say, if I was at Tim’s with my family and everyone was having a doughnut, I would still buy these so I didn’t feel left out.

    • Hey! Thanks for checking this out 🙂 Yes, I’d have to agree with you — they are a good option in a pinch, but ultimately, they are no Timmies doughnut! It would be nice if this was just a start and more goodies are actually in the works lol.

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