You like me! You really like me!

I’ve only been blogging since February, so I think it’s fair to say I’m still new to this. I’ve enjoyed sharing my triumphs and tribulations as I continue to navigate through this new gluten free world, and I’ve been pleased to ‘meet’ and chat with fellow bloggers in our little corner of the web.

One of the bloggers I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ nominated me and a few other bloggers for awards. Thanks to Dana at I have received these badges:


sweet-blog award

versatileblogger111 award

very-inspiring-blogger award

Dana nominated the following for these too. Check out this list! There are some pretty impressive bloggers out there (besides myself, of course).

Gluten Free Jenny

Based on a Sprue Story

Sophie’s Foodie Files

Sensitive Flour

Fructose Free Me

Gazing In

Almonds and Avocados

Fuck Off Gluten

The Patient Celiac

In turn, I’d like to nominate a few myself. I follow quite a few blogs, all of which are fun to read, but the following are pretty damn unique and inspiring to say the least. I should note, they cover a wide range of topics…

The Happy Health Freak
Eat food. Be fit. Be happy.

Give Me One Minute
To tell your travel stories

Across the Divide
Aging Issues and Navigating Eldercare

Shared Voices
Exploring people, places and things related to AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

Now, I love award shows — particularly the Academy Awards — but even still, I know long thank-yous can be tiresome to sit through. So I’ll keep it short:

Thank you for reading, following, and ‘liking’ my blog — and chatting with me either on my blog or on yours. It’s been a whole new experience and the interactions I’ve had along the way have made it that much more enjoyable and worthwhile. I think I’ll keep this up for the foreseeable future. My main objective when I began was to gain further insight and knowledge into living a gluten free life. I’m achieving this goal, no doubt about it, but I’ve also discovered quite a few other perks along the way!



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10 responses to “You like me! You really like me!

  1. Well, it’s no surprise you were nominated, love your blog! Congrats 🙂 🙂 And thank you for the nomination as well. It’s always nice to feel recognized!

  2. Your blog is awesome! Awards well deserved 🙂

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  4. Hi Laura… Thanks again for the award nominations 🙂 and for a great blog! It’s one of my favourites!

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