Lasagna fail: Was it me…or the noodles?

My review of Rizopia Brown Rice Lasagna

Rizopia Brown Rice Lasagne. I bought two boxes of this.

Rizopia Brown Rice Lasagne. I bought two boxes of this.

Let me start by saying I’m exaggerating a tad. The entire lasagna was not a fail, but the whole top layer was.

Now I’ll give some back-story.

I happily stumbled upon gluten free lasagna noodles the other day at the store. I had been searching for them for months actually and eventually gave up the hunt. Apparently they were always there, and I just had to look up a few shelves. But at 5”1, I am 100 per cent going to blame my height, or lack thereof, for the oversight.


Gleefully, I snatched two boxes off the shelves and proceeded to the checkout. I was slightly disappointed that these were rice noodles, as I prefer corn pasta (yes, I did a more thorough scan of the shelves this time), but I bought them anyway.

Now, I’ve never made lasagna before, so I made sure to follow the instructions on the box. I layered it with lots of sauce, added even more sauce to the top layer, and covered the pan in tin foil before throwing it in the oven.

Despite all that, the noodles on the top layer curled up into hard, dry, deformed tube-like…things.

With a sinking heart, I pulled this out of the oven.

With a sinking heart, I pulled this out of the oven.

Needless to say, I was dumbfounded. I’ve actually never seen this before. The lasagnas my mom and nonna have made for our family always turned out perfect. If they were a bit dry, it would be isolated on a small corner of the meal. I decided then and there that this was the fault of the strange, new rice noodles, but after some Googling I discovered this actually happens with ‘normal’ lasagna too.

So I guess the fault was mine.

I still don’t know where I went wrong or what happened, but I removed the hardened top layer and the rest of the dish tasted fine — if not just the slightest bit gummy.  But I find this is the case with all rice pastas.

As for my husband, he liked it just fine. He reminded me a bit of Joey from ‘Friends’ in the episode where Rachel screwed up the trifle. Only this time I was hearing, ‘what’s not to like? Sauce? Gooood. Meat? Gooood. Cheese? Gooood.’

My salvaged gluten free lasagna.

My salvaged gluten free lasagna.

Rizopia Brown Rice Lasagna — 3.5 noodles out of 5



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6 responses to “Lasagna fail: Was it me…or the noodles?

  1. Ohhhh noooo!! It still looks yummy though 🙂 I’ve made lasagna a few times with the Tinkyada Brown Rice brand ( Did you cook the noodles first or use them dry? I cook it before hand but have a really hard time taking them out of the pot and keeping it in one piece, some will tear, but I just try to build it with the pieces. I’ve never made it from the dry noodles and it was only because on the box it said to cook it first…so it may depend on the brand?? If it makes you feel any better, I made protein muffins last night that exploded all over my oven….grrrr…what a mess!!!! I was going to blog about it if they still tasted yummy, but that was a total fail too…lol…back to the drawing board!!

    • Thankfully the rest was edible! I used them dry, but the box said they were ‘oven ready’! Ah, I can imagine boiling them first would produce a mess! Yikes, sorry about your oven! Exploding protein muffins…..sounds like those were made for a blog post! Isn’t it funny we were just patting ourselves on the back for our cauliflower pizza creations? Sigh.

      • I know, I should have blogged about it, I was just so quick to clean it up because I didn’t want it to stick that I forgot to take pictures…I’m sure I’ll have another disaster to write about. lol.
        “Oven Ready” was definitely misleading; I’m pretty sure it was the noodles though. GF stuff can have a mind of their own 🙂

      • I hear ya about the mess! and lol thanks — you’re making me feel better! I guess I’ll have to have another go at it though as I bought two boxes off the bat!

  2. Oh nooo! Those tubes look so sad. But I’m glad the rest of your lasagna was a success. That must have been a relief!

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