Fine G-Free Firkin Food

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of dining at Toronto’s Bull and Firkin Pub on Yonge Street. I had been to many a Firkin before, but this one was different. From what I read, they had just recently renovated. Gone were the pub’s usual red velvety upholstered booths; this one boasted an upgraded feel with now-wooden booths sparkly and new. What really impressed me was the pub’s gluten free menu. I had called ahead of time to see if there was one available, and was later pleasantly surprised to see all the available items. Sure, the typical salad dishes were there (what gluten free menu doesn’t have salad?), but there were also a few shocking ones. I was tempted to order the Wings & Chips, but the pub’s Bacon and Cider Chicken caught my eye.

The Bull and Firkin's Bacon and Cider Chicken is a definite gluten free must-have.

The Bull and Firkin’s Bacon and Cider Chicken is a definite gluten free must-have.

This dish was the best meal I had eaten in a pub in a while. Usually I munch on nachos or pick at a salad while directing bitter, envious stares at my friends who are happily chowing down on their hamburgers. This time though, my friends were eying my plate. And really, how could they not? My plate didn’t look like your average pub food.

Let’s start with sides: The veggies were cooked just right — not too hard, not too soft, and the savory potato wedges made a mockery of the typical ‘side of fries.’ And the main course? The chicken, which was perfectly tender, was complimented with a flavourful cider cream sauce, bacon, and onions. I considered taking to my kitchen to come up with my own version, but really, why mess with perfection?

Kudos to this Toronto pub for creating a special gluten free menu – and extra special gluten free dish.



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2 responses to “Fine G-Free Firkin Food

  1. I just realized you live in Toronto…my bro and his fam live there!! They’ve recently converted to GF and DF (well ok, my sister-in-law and has…my brother is groaning about it at this very moment I’m sure, and the kids, well they’re too little to know the difference!) I’ll share your blog with her, I’m sure she’d love the local reviews 🙂

    • What a coincidence! I’m gearing up for more local reviews actually — upcoming patio weather inevitably equals more eating out lol. Yes, some people are a bit hesitant to try GF — I know my dad sure is lol (I haven’t tried going DF because I like cheese and yogurt too much). Thanks so much for sharing, I hope she likes it!

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