No Timbits here: Welcome to our gluten free party for two

At work, only one other woman besides myself has a gluten intolerance, and she has been accustomed to the lifestyle far longer than I have. Needless to say, she has primarily been my go-to person whenever I have had a question about brands to buy and foods to steer clear of. In comparing notes, our conversations would sometimes morph into emphatic venting sessions about impromptu work ‘parties,’ where colleagues would surprise the department with boxes of Timbits or full-size donuts.

One day, after discovering we had both once loved Tim Horton’s Hawaiian sprinkle doughnuts best, we decided we would host our own work ‘party’ and bring a bunch of gluten free goodies that our finicky bodies could handle.

Plenty of delicious gluten free substitutes for Timbits!

Exploring alternative sugary treats for the gluten intolerant

We gorged on …er…sampled…a total of three snacks, and shared our food with co-workers brave enough to wander into the gluten free realm. Some had a hard time saying no to a table full of sugar, while a few curious others continued to walk past us after taking a hesitant minute to decide whether or not they should try a bite. Ahh well. More for us.

Here’s a look at what we had to eat at our gluten free party for two:

Glutino’s milk chocolate coated wafer cookies
Rating: 4.5 wafers out of 5
‘These are so light, I eat them like popcorn,’ my friend said as she whipped out the box of wafers. It’s true; they are a lighter version of Nestle’s Kit Kat, and I would argue more enjoyable as they don’t sit heavy in your stomach. The downside: they’re so light it’s way too easy to throw back more than the recommended serving. Since our work party, I’ve tried the vanilla flavoured wafers, which I like slightly more than the chocolate ones. This treat is also available in lemon.

Kinnikinnick’s gluten free cinnamon sugar donuts
Rating: 3.5 donuts out of 5
I was really excited about trying this snack, as I had not had a doughnut in about eight months. Tim Horton’s Hawaiian sprinkle doughnuts they were not, but they reminded me a lot of the Tiny Tom Donuts I used to enjoy indulging in at the Canadian National Exhibition, so I was happy. They were, though, a tad drier than Tiny Toms, but that’s nothing a cold glass of milk couldn’t fix.

President’s Choice gluten-free mini brownies
Rating: 5 brownies out of 5
And now for le piece de resistance: the brownies. There is absolutely no difference between these and the Homestyle Two-Bite Brownies I used to love. These petite pieces of chocolate heaven are sweet, rich, and moist. Try them side-by-side with Homestyle’s version, and I would bet all my brownies that no one would be able to tell the difference between the regular kind and the gluten free version.

Our gluten free work party was a success, and in the end, we decided to one day host another one. It just might make those other work parties a bit more bearable. I’m happy to have found a tasty substitute for doughnuts, but, Tim Horton’s, if you’re reading, perhaps you can concoct a special treat for those of us who have a gluten intolerance. I mean, hey, if you can create The Priestly



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2 responses to “No Timbits here: Welcome to our gluten free party for two

  1. Amanda

    I love just about everything Glutino makes! I see those donuts all the time, but haven’t tried them yet.

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